Will I be put to sleep? No. Hypnotherapy is relaxing, but you will be aware and awake. Occasionally people fall asleep, but that isn’t the intention!

Could hypnotherapy ‘mess with my mind’? Absolutely not. Hypnotherapy is safe and simple and, contrary to what you might see in ‘stage hypnosis’ you won’t do anything you wouldn’t do in ordinary life.

How does hypnosis feel? Hypnosis tends to be reported differently by different people. The majority of people feel a sensation of heaviness or numbness or a weightless floating feeling. A few say they feel nothing at all but relaxed.

What can it be used to help?  In short, anything where the mind and the body are connected, the list is extensive but includes agoraphobia, anxiety, bed-wetting, claustrophobia, compulsion, lack of confidence,  exam nerves, failure syndrome, fear,  guilt, habit, hoarding, IBS, indigestion, inferiority feelings, insomnia, migraine, nail-biting, nervous skin disorders,  over-eating, pain, panic, phobia, psoriasis, psychosexual problems, rejection feelings,  self-consciousness, shyness, smoking, stage fright,  tension, weight gain, worry.

How many sessions will I need? Different people and conditions require different numbers of sessions. An initial session plus six sessions is an across-the-board average. No decision has to be made about the number of sessions at the outset; you will know when you feel ready to go it alone.

Should I talk to my GP first? It is useful, but not essential, to talk to your GP about treatment and if I feel you need medical assessment instead of or as well as hypnotherapy, I will recommend it to you.

How do I get in touch?

Text or ring on the number above (I'll always get back to you if I'm with clients when you call). Alternatively, email me at sarah@nowflourish.net or click on the envelope on the left. It's easy to get started.

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