Fear of flying

What’s a fear and what’s a phobia? Fears that affect your life are phobias. They are sometimes classified as ‘irrational’ although I could contest that in the case of flying for example.  Flying is not a natural state for a human being, but we’ve come to accommodate this marvellous technology so we can see interesting places without having to sail for weeks as our ancestors did.

But what a shame to feel uncomfortable and panicky during one of the best parts of a holiday!
If you do fear flying (taking off, landing, turbulence, being in a confined space for a period of time) you may find the more you experience the anxiety, the stronger it becomes. This is a classic cyclical response for any phobia sufferer. But strangely, it’s an easy one to treat.
And this is how it’s done.

Familiarisation – one or more simple sessions of deep relaxation hypnosis, to allow your subconscious to familiarise itself with the process and trust it. If you’d like to do it again, we can do that.

Rewind  - a walk-through, under hypnosis, of the fearful ideas in a way that leads to reduction of the symptoms of anxiety and panic and lessening of repetitive thought patterns about negative aspects the flight.

Reframe - we construct a new way of thinking so that you replace your anxious panicky responses with new calm, relaxed reactions.

As individuals, we understand quite a bit about physical reactions to physical problems (like a sore throat triggered by a cold for example), but we don’t usually learn about physical responses to emotional, psychological stimuli, so we become panicked at our strange physiological response ("why am I breathing so fast? Am I having a heart attack? What's wrong with me?) and a fear of fear ensues.

Once we understand what’s happening, accept and reshape how we think about these stimuli, the cycle of fear-panic-fear can be unlearned to acceptance-calm-relaxation. There is a way through these difficulties, even those that prove to be more complex.
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