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PRESS RELEASE JUNE 2014                                                                For immediate release

Sarah Eley


M: 07932 102663



Local hypnotherapist knocks habits on the head


Sarah Eley, hypnotherapist at Flourish has been awarded the Certificate of Hypnotherapy for Addictions and Habits. This specialist qualification is aimed at trained hypnotherapists who would like to deepen their understanding of helping clients banish addictions and unwanted habits.

Sarah, who completed the course in June as part of her continuing professional development, sees an increasing number of people coming to her successful Harrogate practice for assistance with managing everything from smoking to cake cravings and over-indulging in alcohol. But why are habits and addictions so hard to cure?

Sarah says, “Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology identified a simple cyclical pattern which applies to all habits – cue, routine, reward. Cues for a particular routine, such as a regular visit to the biscuit cupboard, or topping up the wine glass, can be anything from boredom or stress to a simple distraction from the day. The activity provides a reward, which reinforces the pattern.” Addictions are different from habits in that there is also a physiological response and hypnotherapy can help the sufferer manage withdrawal and remain motivated through the quitting process.

This specialist qualification offers hope to those wanting to try hypnotherapy in Harrogate to address their habit and addiction patterns. Sarah added, “The key is to identify why we do what we do and how we can break the cycle and implement change. These reasons can be covert, often to the individuals themselves, but they can be identified and altered with the help of a trained hypnotherapy practitioner. It’s a very safe and relaxing process which can assist with a wide variety of challenges.”

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Sarah, a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, is qualified in hypnotherapy and stress management and practises from the Krysallis Therapy Rooms in central Harrogate. She provides one-to-one help with a wide number of conditions including addictions, habits, phobias, stress and anxiety. Details can be found at


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