help with pain harrogateThere are two types of pain. The first is what is known as ‘acute’ – something which starts suddenly, often as the result of trauma, and which may go on treatment of the cause. The other is ‘chronic’ pain, where damage is not resolved. Pain is a message to the mind that something is wrong.

There is a neurological component to pain which can be assisted with analgesia which may be effective but can have side effects (nausea, drowsiness) or cannot be taken long term. Some drugs require additional drugs to prevent their side effects (eg something to protect the stomach from certain analgesics which may affect its lining over time).

There is also an emotional component which may include the expectation of pain, fear of the pain worsening or what the pain may mean, frustration, depression, guilt about how your pain affects the family. All of these are unique to the individual.

This latter element is largely untreated by the medical establishment, despite being acknowledged and doesn’t tend to respond to medication (unless we invoke sedatives and anti-depressants).

Hypnotherapy, and self-hypnosis with your hypnotherapist can have a major effect on the emotional part of pain and your perception of it. People have found pain relief through hypnotherapy.

Your individual pain experience will be acknowledged and understood and a treatment plan drawn up which will include whichever hypnotic techniques are likely to be the most effective for you. In this way, you can learn to gain control of pain.

Clients need to have been fully investigated before undergoing hypnotherapy or have GP consent to hypnotherapy so that we do not attempt to reduce symptoms which are not diagnosed and might be a sign that something needs medical attention.

So why not contact me now to discuss how I can help you?

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