The Internet’s indexed phobia list has hundreds of entries ranging from fear of washelp with phobias harrogatehing (ablutophobia) to fear of animals (zoophobia). Whatever your phobia, you can rest assured that it's no more unusual than anyone else’s. Often discussed phobias include spiders, needles and snakes, but there are other more complex fears such as fear of not being good enough (aletophobia) which plague us in our competitive society.

Phobias can be very debilitating. In fact the definition of a phobia, compared with a fear, is that it intrudes to such an extent that it affects your life.

If you are afraid of flying, for example, your body’s lifesaving ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response kicks in to ‘assist’ you. With such a phobia you are afraid of the fear itself so even when the stimulus is not present (you are just thinking of taking that flight) you suffer the symptoms. Each time you fly, you remember the panic feeling, which intensifies. The next time it’s a whole lot worse. Soon you only have to get your passport out and your heart beat is racing. It feels like an unmanageable situation.

Most simple phobias such as flying can be relieved quite quickly. You could plan to get help before your next holiday! Wouldn’t it be better if you could start it without sedatives or panic attacks?

Controlled rewinding of the scary moments or feared events, safely undertaken during hypnosis takes the emotion out of the situation and reduces the frequency of thinking about the feared situation.

An ‘anchor’ can be used – a simple action that evokes your deep hypnotic relaxation that you can invoke whenever you need to. However long you have suffered, hypnotherapy can help.
Some phobias such as agoraphobia can be part of a network of other problems, but there are always a way to deconstruct these into their component parts and resolve them one by one. People of all ages, sexes, professions and personalities have phobias. Seeking a solution is a strength, not a weakness.

So why not pick up the phone for a confidential chat. It’s free and the first step to finding a solution. Alternatively, book an initial consultation; this gives me an opportunity to understand you, your problem and what you want to achieve. Then we can move forward together.

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