Stop Smoking

For hypnotherapy to be effective in helping you stop smoking, you really have to want to stop.
We all know that smoking can cause illness, difficulty with breathing and vascular problems, an odour which sticks to your clothes, hair and home, skin problems and a financial deficit!

So why do we continue to do it?

You probably have decided already that you want to do away with all those things. That’s a great first step because if you’re determined to become a non-smoker, you and the hypnotherapist can work together successfully.

When you smoke there is a conflict between your conscious mind, which knows how dangerous smoking is, and your unconscious mind, which thinks about smoking and has formed stop smoking harrogatean attachment to it which has become strong.

The hypnotherapy session will deal with your unconscious, resolving the conflict to help you stop smoking permanently. Some people can stop smoking instantly, for most regular smokers, they need the different parts of the mind to work together to break the associations made between enjoyment and smoking.

So why not make an appointment now?

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