Stress and anxiety

These are two khelp with anxiety stress harrogateey areas for the hypnotherapist. Anxiety and stress can lead to panic attacks, depression, difficulty relaxing and behavioural issues. A large number of people suffer from social anxiety, which in its extreme form can be very debilitating. Stress can exacerbate physical symptoms such as skin conditions, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and migraine.

There is much talk of stress and plenty of information about it, but the problem is that the more you concentrate on the problem, the less you’re concentrating on the positive things you want.

Relaxation techniques and positive suggestion help you to move into a space where you can regain control and look forward to a brighter future. Methods including learning how to control stress responses and panic attacks, stop repetitive negative thinking and train your unconscious to react differently to life challenges.

Symptoms respond positively leaving you feeling and looking better. The hypnotherapy sessions start decrease in frequency with your growing confidence until you can cope using your own resources.

Hypnotherapy tends to provide permanent solutions as you have learnt to do something new and as the saying says, if you want a different outcome, do something different! In the same way that negative thinking can be cyclical and repetitive, new ways of thinking can also be self-perpetuating.

Many people with anxiety and stress problems have had them for months or even years, but however long you have been living with these symptoms, hypnotherapy can help. And when you’re ready to go it alone, we can part company by mutual agreement; there will always be an opportunity to come back for a ‘top up’ session whenever you need it.

Although stress and anxiety are sometimes caused by traumatic events, I don’t dwell on the past or make you relive unpleasant experiences. Treatment can take place simply on the basis of existing symptoms. If you trust your therapist and feel up to sharing, we can do more, but there’s no need to spend large amounts of time considering that aspect of your past life.  There are techniques that help convert some types of negative memory into more commonplace ones and take the emotional heat out of them.

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