Weight management

lose weight harrogateFor most people, only three things determine success in managing weight, healthy eating, regular exercise and attitude.

Food is an emotional as well as nutritional substance. Diets don’t work because they deprive people of something that gives them contentment. Why would you stick to something that makes you miserable?

It’s our thought patterns that drive our eating and when the cycle of crave – eat – crave is broken, it’s easy to build a healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to deny yourself any of your favourite foods, or take up a strenuous routine at the gym. If you eat because you are unhappy, then it’s the way you feel about yourself and your perception of the world that needs addressing. Confidence and control can be built with hypnotherapy.

Clients needing help with weight loss have a variety of requirements and circumstances, from those who are medically overweight to those who want to shed a few pounds. If you manage to lose weight and keep the weight off it will be because you have embarked on a sensible eating plan along with exercise and a positive mindset.

When you know what you need to do to reach your target body shape, then your hypnotherapist can assist you in focusing on your goal and taking control. Unlike crash dieting, it’s actually pleasant too!

Pick up the phone, or send me an email to arrange to come along, tell me what you’d like to achieve and I will draw up a plan to help you achieve it.

Sessions may be short term or longer with an ongoing ‘maintenance’ aspect.  I can also look at the causes of the problem and offer ways to change your approach to become a happier healthier eater.

With your hypnotherapist, you join forces to improve how you view your world and your healthy eating and living plan, which becomes less of a chore as you see the results.

Book some time with me now.

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