What is hypnotherapy and how does it work?

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Our brains work on two different levels: conscious and unconscious. The conscious is the rational, calculating part of the mind over which we have control. The unconscious is the part responsible for many life-preserving activities including appetite and sleeping, which are outside our control. Sometimes the two are in conflict, which explains why we indulge in activities which may not be best for us.

Deep relaxation quietens the conscious and allows the unconscious to focus and learn. This results in the potential to make healthy choices, let go of ingrained unwanted habits and unlearn unhelpful responses such as fear and anxiety.

How does a session start?

With a chat about your background - your life, your challenges, what you'd like to achieve. I will ask a few health and lifestyle questions and we'll talk about the small steps you can take to move along the path to improvement. The most important part of hypnotherapy is feeling at ease. Understanding and trust are vital to the process.

And then?

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You’ll be sitting in a comfortable chair.  By giving you directions to do with breathing and relaxation, I will enable you to relax and move towards hypnosis – a comfortable dreamlike state where you are awake and conscious but very deeply relaxed and open to positive suggestion.

Then I will help you to respond differently to events or see troublesome issues in a different light.

How do I get back?

I will lead you back to full alertness gently. You may or may not remember what has been said. You will probably feel deeply relaxed, possibly a little tired, especially after the first session. hypnotherapy in ripon, wetherby, ilkley, knaresborough

What next?

Practice makes permanent. You will receive a free recording of a session to reinforce our work together.

At each appointment we will focus on success and improvement, rather than going back over problems. This makes for positive, forward-looking sessions, with success on the horizon.

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Can you guarantee it’ll work?

No hypnotherapist can ever guarantee a miracle cure for any phobia or condition (if you find a therapist who says he can, run a mile!).  Everyone is different.  Some clients take longer to respond to hypnotherapy than others.  And above all, you have to genuinely want to change for it to work. 

All we can say is that we have many satisfied clients who have found our work with them beneficial.

How do I get in touch?

Check out the links to the left, use the 'get in touch' page, email me at sarah@nowflourish.net  or call the number above.

Living with concerns about your health or lifestyle and doing nothing about them can make you feel miserable and hopeless.  But you do already have the resources to change, locked inside your unconscious.

A confidential phone or email chat will cost you nothing.

Try hypnotherapy. Get results.



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