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Case Studies

Geoffrey, a newly retired professional, came to see me about a series of unexpected and puzzling panic attacks which had taken him by surprise. With no rhyme or reason, he suddenly found himself frustratingly unable to visit places he had always enjoyed for fear of palpitations, sweating and feeling of utter doom. Learning about the unconscious mind and discussing the problem with someone who knew all too well how debilitating such attacks can be, Geoffrey had several sessions of hypnotherapy which enabled him to banish his panic attacks altogether.

Therapy room in Harrogate

Jean, a strongly independent woman with a country upbringing, came to me with a fear of needles following a serious car accident which left her in hospital for some time.

Our sessions together enabled her to master the skills of deep relaxation, learn to visualise a successful encounter with needles and conquer her fear. Not long after, she was able to undergo an operation she had been putting off for over a year.

Andy, a fit, twenty-something professional with a high powered job, contacted me about his IBS. His seemingly unaccountable stomach upsets caused disruption to meetings, travel and social occasions and he needed to find a solution. We met for several sessions, during which I used gut-focused hypnotherapy to help his unconscious to heal his digestive system. His IBS symptoms began to subside and he now never worries about his daily commitments.

Carmel, a professional with a young child, had been off work with stress-related illness for months, owing to a toxic atmosphere at her company. She was finding it hard to remain resilient while dealing with continued contact from work, looking for a new job and managing home life. Over the weeks, we used hypnosis to improve her stress management and, confidence in the future. I also supported her until she was successful in gaining a new job with a happier atmosphere. 

Details changed to protect client confidentiality

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