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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you move away from using your primitive brain to using your intellectual brain, which is more suited to making correct assessments. We can’t always change what happens in life, but we can learn to change the way we choose to respond.


These conversations are supported by hypnosis, which is not, as some people assume, a process of ‘going under’, nor being controlled by the therapist. It is a relaxed, dreamlike state during which your attention becomes highly focused – rather like being absorbed in a good book or film. You are then guided to a place where beneficial suggestions can be considered by the unconscious, so you can make sound decisions.


It’s delightful to see positive changes as clients benefit from Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. It’s such an inspiring method of treatment for a wide range of issues and gives you the means for lasting change once sessions have ended. 

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Clients often comment on the relaxing and enjoyable aspects of hypnotherapy. For some, when we first work together, they’re pleasantly surprised at how optimistic and comforting sessions are. Often far from what they were expecting!


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy relies on the principle that each person has the resources to effect change. You will have used those resources in the past to overcome challenges and emerge from them. Negative thinking tends to override memories of these resources and it is our job to rediscover them and use them to conquer present issues. It is a bit like finding a really useful forgotten implement in the toolbox, polishing it up, and using it to make a repair.

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"I'm doing really well. The good news is that I have lost 5 stones in a year; a big difference from the size 24 when I first saw you! Thanks for the help you gave in helping me improve my life."

Each session begins with the exploration of positive events and  your feelings about them. We’ll discuss the small, easily achievable steps you could take towards your projected future. Imagine explorers setting out for the North Pole. They didn’t just get up one morning and go. There were plans to be drawn up, supplies to be gathered, clothing, huskies…a whole host of small but vital elements to be assembled before they could even take the first step.