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10 Unusual Reasons It’s Time to Talk to a Hypnotherapist

Everyone understands that issues such as bereavement and divorce could be natural candidates for emotional support and professional help, but there are other less obvious issues that might indicate it’s time to see a hypnotherapist.

Do you often feel that no-one understands you?

If you have reached adulthood and have these feelings, it could be related to identity, childhood problems, trauma or difficulties in communication.

It’s worth a chat with your hypnotherapist who will guide you in imagining life differently and move towards a brighter future.

Do you find relationships hard to sustain?

Relationships are one of the hardest things we do. The question is always the same – how do we continue to be our authentic selves, while being part of a couple? Fear of losing independence or mismatches in needs for intimacy can cause difficulties and if things don’t fall into place, seeking help from a hypnotherapist can be the right choice.

Your hypnotherapist can help you look at your priorities in relationships and how you communicate and guide you to make new choices for yourself.

Are you always tired?

If you’ve visited your GP and there’s no obvious reason for constant fatigue, it could be a sign of depression. A depressive style of thinking focuses on the negative in life and when we do that, our unconscious mind tells us that this is the reality of life. Our thoughts dictate our feelings and our feelings are our benchmark of wellbeing.

Your hypnotherapist can help you find your way back to the positive in your life and visualise a happier future, cementing it into your unconscious mind.

Are you in an unhappy relationship you just can’t leave?

This kind of behaviour can often be a sign of low self-esteem or dependency. Seeing a relationship end can make an individual feel they have failed or that they are not worthy of love or likely to find love again.

These thoughts are common, and hypnotherapy can help you find new patterns of thinking that will help you make decisions about your relationship.

Do you have physical symptoms with no obvious cause?

Palpitations, poor sleep, skin and digestive problems can be signs of emotional ill health. The mind and the body are closely linked – eczema sufferers and those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) often report that stressful times will worsen these symptoms. Our physical self can be the barometer of our state mind.

Hypnotherapy will never harm you. As a safe and natural process, it can help you learn the skills of deep relaxation, which you can use even after sessions are finished.

Do you say ‘always’ and ‘never’?

This style of thinking is known as ‘black and white’. Thinking in extremes and having doom-laden thoughts are a sign of negative thinking, linked to low mood.

“This always happens to me” or “I never have good luck” are typical phrases. Your hypnotherapist can guide you back to a time when bad things didn’t happen or when you did actually have a piece of good luck.

This style of thinking is learned and can be unlearned; the hypnosis process helps to cement new learning in the mind.

Have you recently had a life change?

New job, new house, new partner – it can all seem exciting until the come-down when you might feel lost, isolated or disconnected.

If you’ve been struggling for a while, reach out to your professional hypnotherapist who can help you see through the negative feelings.

Are you just a boy/girl who can’t say no?

When your brain says “no, I’d rather not”, but your mouth says “yes, that would be great”, it can be a sign that you are pleasing others because you aren’t considering your own needs as worthy.

If you don’t have personal boundaries, you end up ministering to everyone else’s needs, at the expense of your own, which can leave you feeling drained and unhappy.

Hypnotherapy can help you change this thought pattern and take back control.

Do you wake in the small hours with palpitations?

Night anxiety can be a sign of anxiety from the day that we have overlooked or suppressed. Finding the cause of anxiety, which might not be a physical cause, but can be to do with thought patterns, can help restore your sleep.

Monday morning blues?

Work stress is often a part of life. We don’t like our work, our colleagues, the commute, whatever, yet sometimes we lack to confidence to make change because we have to work with those people day in day out.

Hypnosis and the associated talking are very useful for workplace issues, helping you escape from the ‘hamster wheel’ of negative thoughts which are never resolved.

For a no obligation chat, email or call. 07932 102663

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